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Trying out Google ads

Well, why not ^^ I put up an ad on google's adwords. It looks like this:

You may see this ad if you search for any of the following search terms (at google, it may also appear on related sites with google ads):
- Arena Wars, Arena Wars, demo download, .NET Development, .NET Game, c# game, Real Time Strategy, replays, community, StarCraft, WarCraft
I left some search terms out, e.g. games, because they are searched much too often and are to general, I rather used this more specialized search terms.
Update: This is really working great, I added some more search terms (hehe StarCraft and WarCraft) ^^

But don't click on the link, that costs money (viewing does not ^^)
The ad will disappear if all the money is spend I put into this account, but adwords is still a very nice thing. Works really amazingly well!