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Turn on Mondays, the new internet radio show by the dotnetrocks makers

The first show is currently recorded, turn in at (winamp stream).
More info about the show can be found at:, I think sometime monday you can download the show (if you had not listen to the show live).
Sadly, the dotnetrocks radio show was canceled today, but at least there is Mondays :)

Some small note on Arena Wars v1.2: I'm aware of the few bugs with serverbased games and will fix the serverside, in a couple of hours there are hopefully no more problems, looks even like we don't need a new patch. Everything can be fixed on the serverside ^^.
Update: All serverbased games should work fine now, also fixed some other problems. The only known thing not working are watching replays online with 2 or more players (I think this requires a client patch, maybe later ^^).