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Google Talk?

Check out Google Talk (a another new voice talk program, which just came out today). Similar to Skype it allows you to chat and call your friends and talk to them. You will need a gmail account to login, the rest is simple.

Usually I like it when google makes everything plain and simple, but this program is the first I would say is way to simple and has way to less features. The quality is not as good as skype (it uses maybe half the bandwidth), the background noise reduction filter isn't very good (it is very noisy if noone is talking, even if the other party hasn't got a mic) and you don't have any way to set any volume, quality or threshold.
The chat feature looks way to boring too, there are no similies, everything is put right below the last messages, there are no timestamps, etc.

I don't like it, but its still beta, but I don't think it has anything to do with that, some programs are not made for google's plain and simple ideology. I hope they are not going to release any game soon :)