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Moving to DasBlog v1.8

I am using DasBlog for about 1 year now. I think I started with v1.5 and upgraded to v1.6 a long time ago. I still think DasBlog is one of the best blog engines around and overall it is one of the few good online tools that don't cause much headaches.

Download link to DasBlog 1.8.

The new rich text box add post capabilities are nice (not only html, but also a design view for direct editing or previewing), but they don't really have all the features I need (for example there is no search feature for writing a new post at all). I still think it is more effective to write everthing in some powerful text editor (or some html editor if you like) first and then just copy it over and test it. Still, all improvements and new features are a good thing.

So today Jeff Clark wrote me an email telling me that SharpReader wasn't able to use my RSS feeds. He also did sent a link to to help me check on that issue.

For some strange reason the returned feed was not in the usual Xml format, but in a html format and the validator did not really like that "feature":

I used for this and the returned error was "This feed does not validate. Feeds should not be served with the "text/html" edia type"

I didn't know where to fix that. Instead I thought updating DasBlog from v1.6 to v1.8 could help and I wanted to do that sometime anyway. The upgrade readme is quite long and looks complicated with a lot of single steps and warnings, but it didn't took long to replace everything, do the important stuff for ASP.NET 2.0 and just restart the IIS. Everything worked fine after that. Even my custom theme didn't cause any troubles. I just had to adjust the config files (web.config, site.config) a bit to get rid of obsolete parameters and setting new parameters.

However, the RRS feeds where still wrong in html instead of xml. I checked some other sites using DasBlog v1.8 and their feeds worked fine, sometimes with a couple of warnings. After some more testing I was guessing that maybe the main site linking to the blog sub directory was the cause and not the blog itself (since a browser still points to the even if we are on another page). And it turns out that you only get an invalid RRS feed if pointing to, but you will get an valid feed if pointing to

I changed the links and RRS worked fine then, there are still some warnings left, especially about relative links instead of absolute URLs for images and other files ( returns "description should not contain relative URL references"). I will try to remember that for future posts and I changed some important items, but I'm not going to fix all posts now to be 100% valid (who cares anyway, at least it works again). If you are using an old RRS url like
please change it to:

If you find other problems (e.g. with other RRS readers) and think there are really important, drop a comment or write an email if you want to see it resolved. Thanks again to Jeff for reporting this, I wouldn't have noticed it.