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CR_Commenter Update v1.5 and testing out the Boo Language

I've updated my Commenter plugin for CodeRush today. I did some refactoring and was getting annoyed that some of the .NET 2.0 features did not get commented properly yet (like generics or anoynmous delegates). I also fixed some older bugs and issues.

This is the changelist (full history can be found in the original article):

  • First version for VS2005 and using .NET 2.0 now for supporting generics and anoynmous delegates (more useful comments now inside of anoynmous functions and code blocks defined there).
  • Fixed again: No xml generation inside of methods (recent CodeRush version changed its behaviour somehow). Check is now performed inside the recursive method, this fixes all older issues too.
  • When commenter is disabled the globol hotkeys don't work anymore now.
  • Version number in options and a link to check if any new updates are available
  • Hotkey for generating comments and XML: Ctrl+1. Saves you typing '}' and doesn't require you to go to the last line of a block all the time.
  • If using defines in the using statements the surrounding region is now generated properly. Also adds automatically the #if DEBUG and #endif statements (which I use to exclude NUnit from the release build) around using NUnit.Framework, which is often generated by adding the namespace automatically or using some template.

Click here to download v1.5
And here is the sourcecode for CR_Commenter v1.5

I also wanted to add an embed with region feature, but it is already pretty simple with CodeRush if you know the hotkey: Select a block you want to build a region around (e.g. a method, you can press ctrl+shift+up/down quickly select the method). Then just press Ctrl+R, thats it.

If you are using CodeRush (and you need it for my Commenter) you should also check out these new CodeRush tutorial Videos from Developer Express, they are pretty cool and informative.

I've also checked out the Boo Programming Language today after playing around with IronPython the last couple of days. Boo is really cool and introduces a couple of ideas I agree 100% with. I have to try it out a bit more. One major problem is the fact there is no Visual Studio addin and typing in some editor or the console is no fun at all. A plugin for MonoDevelop and SharpDevelop does exist (and is actually implemented in the latest versions), but while these are very good open source IDEs, I'm a Visual Studio user and have a lot of addins I would miss in any other editor.

I use also use UltraEdit, which is pretty cool and can be used for all kinds of shit (not only text, hex, html, but also millions of source code formats). However, the Boo language is missing syntax highlighting support in UltraEdit (while almost 1 million other languages are supported). I just wrote this little wordfile myself for UltraEdit Boo syntax highlighting support: boo.txt, just add it to your UltraEdit wordfile.txt file.

Again: Boo is a cool language. I heard of it at the PDC, where I saw even the developer in some session, but I never checked it really out (maybe it was too Linux oriented for me). Maybe I will try to convert the SharpDevelop addin to Visual Studio if noone else does it (because I would really want that feature when coding in Boo). I still like Lua and Python too, but they don't have any intellisense support either, which is one of the main reasons I haven't switched over to writing more in those languages instead of c# right now.