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Polynapping: Day 4 and 5

Yesterday night it was somehow hard to stay awake, but I kept my schedule. However, later that day I overslept 3 hours and thought I had messed everything up. But I was able to keep all naps after that, getting to sleep goes easier day by day. Strange thing is that I get really tired after staying awake 4 hours and when sleeping more than 20-25 minutes I often wake up by myself. It seems to be true to be more alert after sleeping, but I think I don't dream anything right now (no REM?), can't remember anything and it is still early (could take 7-10 days till polynapping fully kicks in). After 3 hours awake I get a little bit weaker and after 3.5-4 hours I'm getting tired. But I can't sleep right away, I never could sleep on command. But maybe this effect increases, which would be good. Wasting 10-20 minutes in bed waiting to go into sleep really sucks if it has to be done 6 times a day (especially if there is only 10 minutes left to sleep then).

Today nothing special happend, I took all scheduled naps and are feeling good. I overcome my cold and I think my appointment with my dentist yesterday went fine too. She is trying out soft lasers and it seems to work very well (unlike all those root canal operations).

The time I've got each day is amazing, it feels like being awake around the clock. I think I'm also eating more healthy and doing more things I have no time for. Maybe I will do work at daytime and relax, play games, etc. at nighttime. Feels like a weekend every day, hehe.

I hope there aren't bad side effects to this polynapping thing, but I think doing it for a couple of months should be fine (lot of ppl have done that already).