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Pizza Commander goes commercial

I'm happy to announce, that one of my Rocket Commander Mods "Pizza Commander" got some attention by a german low budget publisher Novitas. Novitas, also known for its Green Pepper and Pepper Games series, will release a special version of Pizza Commander in September 2006. The game will not be like the original game, the game principle is completly new, but we still use the Rocket Commander engine. There will be at least 10 new levels and missions with very entertaining game rules.

More on that can be found on our new label for budget games (nothing there yet, but there will be information soon).

I might post some screens of the version and the new cool game ideas in the next month when we develop this game.

Btw: The Quick Tutorials are all finished now and will hopefully be released soon, I will report on that too.

This is NOT how the Pizza Commander Reloaded retail game will look like ^^