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StarCraft Broodwar Giga II TV show match

I did play StarCraft Broodwar yesterday (ya ya, old game, but still the most played RTS game in the world) in a show match for the german tv station Giga II. It was just a regular BWCL clanwar (like every week in most german BW clans), but the games were quite nice. The games could be watched live on a internet stream at Giga II (2006-07-17 22:30 CET) and maybe will be available for download later.

Here are the replays in case you are interessted (I am n.SK)abi btw), more information can be found on my clan page

I'm glad I won, I was more like the underdog. My enemy Horror-ScT- is in the ger team and plays for germany BW ^^.