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Seattle Day 1 and XNA Video and Canyon Commander

This was my first day working at Microsoft. Pretty interesting people work there and a lot of them. Good thing no one noticed that I'm not able to remember 500 names per second. I was installing stuff half of the day, but I found out more about XNA and already fixed some issues. Before talking more about my day, here are some News:

The XNA Team did a little 2 minute video of a couple of XNA games, my starter kit XNA Racer (which I hadn't talked about yet in detail, but that will come soon) can be seen at the end of the video. I got a lot of nice comments about that already :)

Here is the link to the video (Major Nelson has a nice blog btw):
And this is David Weller talking about it:

A nice guy from France with the name "Marc Guevremont" made yet another Rocket Commander Mod and this one just looks impressive. He managed to implement a landscape engine with shadow mapping (I guess precalculated). It looks very much like Rebel Assault. The game itself is still similar to Rocket Commander, but it looks so much different and he also made 3 cool levels. The game is called Canyon Commander and will hopefully be available soon.

More information, screenshots and a video can be found in the Rocket Commander Forums and here:

I did not make many pictures today and it was to dark when we drove back to make any useful pictures with my phone camera.

Driving through Seattle.

And going over the long Evergreen Point Floating Bridge between Seattle and Redmond. It goes over the lake Washington and I couldn't get an answer if a Russian atom u-boot could fit under the bridge.

I was told that Bill Gates has his house somewhere on the right here, but you can't see it, too much leaves.

More pictures tomorrow.