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Flying to the USA to visit the XNA Team

Yeah, flying around the world. In a couple of minutes I have to leave to the airport. I will fly to the USA to visit the Microsoft XNA Team for a week. Pretty exciting if you ask me. Maybe even too exciting, I did not get any sleep this night and last night it were only 3 hours. I hope I can sleep on the plane ...

I will try to make some photos and blog a little about my experiences there in Seattle. The XNA Game and Starter Kit I'm currently developing will be improved a little bit over there and I will have the chance to speak with the XNA team.

I'm not sure if I will have time to talk much about XNA on my blog right now since I have so little time and so many projects. Hope that cools off in the next few weeks and I can relax a little bit more and start blogging like a madman again :-)