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Bye Seattle, Back to Germany!

It was nice in Seattle and a great experience meeting the Microsoft XNA Team and people I met like ZMan. But I'm glad I'm back home. There is nothing like the good old home PC, I can type 700 times faster here and it feels much better to do any work here (or at the office here).

Well, the day started yesterday for me, I have not slept yet. Let's get started with some pictures. This is me leaving from the Hotel and waiting for a taxi. It took forever because the traffic was so bad again in Seattle.

Bye bye Seattle and all you friendly people in it.

Checking in at the airport. Had to be there 3 hours earlier than the flight departures. Was only 2 hours before that there (bad traffic and I got up a little late ^^).

But I had to wait 2 hours anyway. The security checks were no big deal anymore. Getting into the USA was much harder. Now it was just taking your shoes off, unpacking the laptop and I was done.

A plane is getting filled up and loaded (my plane was a little bigger and on the other side).

After 9 and a half hours flying around the world (from Amsterdam to Seattle took almost 2 hours more) we landed in Amsterdam and it was already Tuesday morning here. Btw: You can see me in the picture holding my crappy cell phone and using it as a camera.

The Amsterdam Airport and more security checks, but not so long waiting times in the morning, much nicer.

After adding 9 hours to my clock it was Tuesday morning too. I had to wait over 2 hours for my plane to Hannover and was really tired right now. But everything went fine and I landed in germany on schedule.

The plane is ready to "hop" to my "city" ^^ just took 45 minutes, pretty quick.

Getting a train ticket to finally get home. Hey, public transportation again, yeah :-)

Back in Hannover everything looked so small, we don't have any high skyscrappers here. Strange how quickly I got used to that. Hope I can get rid of my adopted coffee habit too.

Time for some sleep. Got so many emails and stuff I have to do after I weak up, I better sleep for 20 hours now ;-)