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I have put together a little website for the XNA Racing Game Starter Kit released yesterday on

Here you go:

A little rant about the XNA Racing Game Starter Kit download: The download file is 130 MB in size and will eat up almost 290 MB of your hard disk space extracted. It is also only available in the .vsi format and can't be used in anything but XNA Game Studio Express or Visual C# Express. The main reason for this incredible size is the Textures directory, with uses mainly uncompressed .TGA files. The original Racing Game version had only about 50-70 MB in total with DDS textures and the Simple Racing Game version from my book is even smaller (30 MB I think, but a lot of content is not in there, its a also a much smaller and simplified project).

Microsoft has also removed all credits of me, all readmes, all unit tests, most comments, some screens like the credit screens. It's a little bit sad for me because all references to me or my website were removed and I'm not even mentioned on the starter kit download page :( I think the starter kit is now much harder to understand because there are no unit tests in the code to test anything out. Anyway, I just hope the XNA Racing Game Starter Kit is useful for you guys, it helps XNA and everyone wins :-)

Update 2007-05-01: I'm now mentioned on and happy :)