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MVP Summit 2008 in Seattle USA - Monday (Day 3)

Today (Monday, but it will be yesterday at the time I post this) was the first day of the MVP Summit 2008. BTW: I uploaded this post from the Microsoft Campus and it took around 2 hours to upload all the photos (2.5 MB ^^). Tomorrow I will do it from the Hotel again, no fun to do anything but a little surfing here.

After posting the blog post for Sunday (Day 2) from my hotel, the first thing I had to do was to move from my first Hotel (Renaissance) to the Seattle Conference Center and then later in the day to the Sheriton Hotel right beside it. The weather was similar to Sunday.

Several signs and banners were greeting the over 1700 MVPs and RDs that came to this event.

But before the opening welcome keynotes started it was time to eat some lunch first. The room was quite big and the food was good as usual :)

The keynotes were a little bit boring at first, but when Sean O'Driscoll came out and talked about MVPs and the evolution of Social Networking, it was very enjoyable because he is such a good speaker. You can see him on the picture above talking about Web 2.0.

After the welcome speaches the Open Space sessions started, which basically means you get together with a couple of other MVPs and everyone discusses around a given topic.

I attended the MVC and Unit Testing sessions and both were interessting, but the Testing discussion was more fruitful IMO.

This is one of the slides that were developed in the beginning of the Unit Testing session. I guess the discussion will continue somewhere on a blog or wiki somewhat soon.

The wheater outside was rainy again. I had to wait a bit until my hotel room was ready, so I walked around a bit trying to find any shopping stores that interested me. Let's just say I was not very interested at all the cloathing stores and restaurants here.

There is always construction of new sky scrappers going on here.

Still cold and raining ...

I ended up in "Little Italy" for a while, but again notthing of interest here for me.

This reminded me of a picture I took at my first trip to the US (Los Angeles in 2005).

Outside the Seattle Art Museum there was a big metal guy standing and waving his arm (or hamering something, I'm not that good at Art ^^).

Okay, and other wishes can also be satisfied here. Strange location for such a place, right next to the Seattle Art Museum.

The highway to the west and the Seattle Habour behind it.

Again the Public Libary of Seattle. This time it is open, but I'm back on my way to the hotel, my room should be ready now.

After finally checking in I had to go back to the Convention Center because the Welcome Dinner began right now and I had the chance once again to meet with the other MVPs from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Some other guys from Germany at the Welcome Dinner. As you can clearly see they are "Men" as it states right above their heads :)

The camera war has begun!

This is Peter Bucher in the middle, we talked quite a bit this evening. He is an ASP.NET MVP.

Some more German MVPs.

This guy had constantly problems with his camera, which was obviously better than all our other cameras combined :) He also took aprox. 10 times more pictures than everyone else at the MVP Summit combined ^^

And thats it for today. All other pictures were as blurry as my vision this evening after drinking all kinds of beer they had to offer here (I think it was Heiniken, Red Hook, MSC something, and something else, can't remember).

Tomorrow all the sessions will take place at the Microsoft Campus. Until then ..