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TV Interview with me on 3sat this Sunday 16:30

3sat Hi Folks, sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time. I basically had no time and not much interesting to report. Since I will focus more on game programming again in the near future, more blogging might happen again :)

Anyway, yesterday I was an interview partner on a German TV show called "neues", which can be seen on TV Sundays each week at 16:30 (4:30 PM). The topic is user generated content and I will answer some questions in the second half of the show. Since the show is not technical, it might not be of much interest for game developers, but hopefully the general public can learn a bit about XNA and the cool opportunities everyone has with developing games on their Xbox 360 or Windows PC.

It was a very interesting experience seeing how a show gets created, how many people are involved and how often it is rerecorded until everyone is happy. The people at ZDF/3sat were also very nice and it was fun to work with them.

The show will also be available on the 3sat video archive online (probably in the next few days):*&red=neues&mode=search

Update 2008-09-14: Direct link to the video from the 3sat mediathek:

Some pics from my journey to Mainz where the TV show was recorded. It was quite a long trip taking about 5 hours reaching Mainz. At Frankfurt I moved from the ICE (fast train, but the power supply did not work so I could not even use my laptop, grr) to a slower train called RE (which does not supply any power to the train riders).

The weather was not very enjoyable Friday. In the morning it was raining very much.

Since I was not allowed to take any pictures inside the studio and due the bad weather I took not many photos. Hopefully I can post a small video once the 3sat video from the show is available.

Getting back home was the same ride in reverse. I did not spend much time in Mainz or Frankfurt due the bad weather and I was kinda tired so I played a few games I wanted to check out (like Spore and Space Siege) in the train. This ICE at Mainz was going in the opposite direction, seems like not many ICE trains drive from Mainz to Frankfurt, so I had to take a slow RE train again.

And finally in Frankfurt at the MUCH bigger train station. They have about 30 rail tracks there and you can see a lot of people wearing business suits. Probably all bankers and investors, hehe ^^

Okay, that's it. Maybe I will finish up some blog posts I have written in the last months, but never finished them due lack of time and motivation. Take care!