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Writing your own programming language with the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime)

Image stolen from this great article
In accordance to the very good blog with many useful links for IronPython at I will also try to post some useful links about my recent DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime for .NET) research.
I have been working a bit on the DLR before, mostly together with Silverlight, which was cool, but Silverlight was way too hard to work with and I still think it is not distributed enough. On that note if you are interested in Silverlight, check out the . And even before that quite a bit with the Visual Studio SDK, early IronPython versions and other language implementations in .NET and even with native c code (but usually I just modified existing samples). I have also modified Lua for my own needs recently and made it run on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and modified some behaviour for my projects, since we use it for our upcoming game and I use it quite a lot together with IronPython on the tools I write at work.`

But my overall goal remains: Writing my own language, preferbly running on .NET and the DLR seems to be a good fit. Today after we finished the latest demo of our game for the GDC next week, I had finally some time and motivation to get this thing started again :) I probably should do some more XNA projects since I'm a DirectX/XNA MVP and I have still something I work on from time to time, but it is still a long way to go until this project is completely done.

Okay, to get things started again I searched for some new DLR information and samples on the net and here are some helpful links:

The Tools:
Learning the basics and also some good blog posts:
Compiler Books:
Other useful DLR links:
Okay, back to improving my lexer and parser. I think I got the research aspect covered for now.