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Lang.NET Symposium 2009 Talks online now!

I've been waiting for the latest Irony release the last few days, but luck was not on my side because the good old Roman Ivantsov, who is fearlessly leading the Irony project, was too busy and not able to drop a build yet. But he had a talk at the Lang.NET Symposium 2009 that was going on the last 3 days.

Since I'm starting to write my own DLR language the last few days. I already posted about the DLR and Antlr here, but I switched using Irony together with DLR now, in case you are interested in more links, check out DlrCalculator from the Script.NET guy and the Irony articles on CodeProject.

I will write more about this project when it matures a little bit more, right now I just have a couple of sample projects, lots of unit tests to try stuff out and a very long TODO list and document about what I want to implement. The project itself could go on for a very long time (>1 year). I already attempted to write a language service few years back and got pretty far with the VSSDK, but writing the language itself, the parser, AST generator, etc. was too much work back then. Thankfully with the new cool tools like Irony and the DLR these tasks have become much easier.

Anyway, time to watch some talks from the Lang.NET Symposium 2009, the first batch of videos was just released today, more talks will hopefully follow soon. Thank you very much Microsoft making these available :)

I will start watching the Keynote by Jason Zander - Microsoft,
  • then watch C# 4.0 Dynamic by Mads Torgersen - Microsoft,
  • Intro to a Visual Studio Language Service by Ted Neward,
  • Irony by Roman Ivantsov and
  • IronPython Scripting in MS Dynamics by Roman Ivantsov,
  • The Visual Studio 2010 Editor by Jack Tilford,
  • The Second Life Cloud by Jim Purbrick - Linden Lab and
  • then check out the rest of the talks :)

Update: I just heard in the Keynote by Jason Zander that a VS2010 beta release is imminent, very exciting stuff. Finally I can use a beta VS again, VS2008 is getting boring :D