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Posting code on this blog

A few little tricks on how to blog code or any text files for that matter (.txt, .xml, .cs, .cpp, etc.):

You can use the Code Style from the Editor, but that code will just be monofont and handle the spacing, newlines and tabs if you paste it into the non-html editor.

A better way, but sadly incompatible with the non-html editor is to use the following tags (must be done in raw html mode and you should do it when all the rest of the text is written):

<pre class="brush: csharp">

or use

<pre class="brush: xml">

for xml, etc.

When you are done with your code block, just close it with


To post images in the upper right corner like I always do, just upload an image, go to html mode and copy it to the very start of the blog post and add style="float:right" to the img tag!


  • Other brush names:
Bash/shellbash, shell
C#c-sharp, csharp
C++cpp, c
Delphidelphi, pas, pascal
Diffdiff, patch
JavaScriptjs, jscript, javascript
JavaFXjfx, javafx
Perlperl, pl
Plain Textplain, text
PowerShellps, powershell
Pythonpy, python
Rubyrails, ror, ruby
Visual Basicvb, vbnet
XMLxml, xhtml, xslt, html, xhtml