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Why was offline?

Internet Soldier

Well, we just moved to our new office in the last few days, but it pretty much sucked in the first few days. The heaters did not work, we could not get ANY internet working for days and it is still not possible to get any internet because the cables are too old. Instead we are online right now with an UMTS stick, which is not really fun for 20 people surfing like crazy. Because UMTS providers do not even give you an exclusive IP (you share it with all the other people also currently connected), we are also completly unreachable from the outside (except for VPN tunnels of course).


So instead of having everything offline until this is all sorted out, I quickly installed the most important services (game servers, this website, some other stuff) on my laptop and connected it at home, where everything is fine and dandy. It does not even seem to run any slower than before, but there are still some sites offline and some services are not longer reachable because they are only available at the server in the office. Hopefully this all gets sorted out soon and we are back to normal.


I also wanted to post some pictures from the new office, but it looks pretty chaotic right now. We are still waiting for our switch and some extra network cables so we can finally setup everything.


I also got my new Netbook (Samsung N510) today, which has an Intel Atom CPU as all netbooks, but also an NVidia ION GPU (which is a NVidia 9400 GM). As expected it is pretty slow (especially the hard drive, which I am going to exchange with an Intel SSD), but so far everything runs nicely and programming and playing games runs amazingly well. Just Windows feels a little slow, I'm used to better stuff :) After installing some extra ram and the SSD I am going to optimize the shit of of this thing and then I will hopefully like it even more :)


This is how the Samsung N510 looks like, it is really small (less than 1/3 of my 24 inch monitor height and I better not compare it with my 42 or 30 inch screens) and light (with battery 1.4 kg, without probably less than 1kg) and it was also very cheap, it costs like 5 times less than my laptop from 3 years ago and can do more stuff (DirectX 10 with haxx, more stuff build in, hdmi output with working 1080p video decoding, and other fun stuff):