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How to use your Android Phone as an Internet Router

There is a nice little article at how to "Tether Your Android Phone", which means you can turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The catch is that you either have to hack around with root access or you have to pay $30 for an easy to use app. We have an Android Phone at the office (since our engine is currently ported to support that device too), but we just have a pre-paid sim card in there with currently no money on it (so using the internet works the other way around).


In related news:


I also just saw that Microsoft is bringing Kudu (a kids developer game tool) to the PC (was previously Xbox 360 only). I am not really sure about the success of that thing, but it seems to catch on and is helpful for raising millions of game programmers. What the hell is microsoft planing? do they want to destroy all our jobs? Just kidding ...