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SoulCraft 0.6. released for all Android devices, new location China

After having reached over 100.000 downloads only on tegra powered devices, we are happy to announce that SoulCraft is now available for all Android devices.

Adding to that we also added lots of new stuff into this new version - this is a major update as you can see on our roadmap:

  • support for most android devices (including Samsung Galaxy S2)
  • Changed first 15 minutes (different starting location, new spells)
  • Dynamic World Map (scrollable)
  • Change Level / Location unlock logic (now only depends on character level)
  • Improve difficulty level (easier/slower at first, getting harder/faster later)
  • Add China as Gold location (only for Gold players who have bought Gold at least once)
  • Easier/better controls (with easier beginner spells, autoaim for easier spells, )
  • lots of other bugs & smaller improvements

We hope you like the new version and please do not hesitate to continue to give us feedback! Thank you!


For details please check out our official press release here:

After over 100.000 downloads in just 2 months only on Tegra powered Android devices, SoulCraft is now available for all Android phones & tablets.

•    SoulCraft is a free2play Action RPG which will be eventually released on all platforms (starting with Android, iOS, WP7, PC, Windows 8, …)
•    After being exclusively and heavily optimized available only for Tegra powered Android devices for 2 months, 100.000 downloads later SoulCraft is now available for all Android phones & tablets
•    SoulCraft has just been shown on Google’s Android booth at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona and has had its first appearance at NVIDIA’s CES keynote
•    The latest release also includes the completely new location “Great Wall of China”
•    SoulCraft is still in open beta which means that we are having a new release every few weeks with changes based on the feedback we get from the community.
•    SoulCraft is about the fight of angels, demons & humans for supremacy on earth Watch the trailer of the game here:

After over 100.000 downloads on Tegra powered Android devices in just 2 months after the initial release without any marketing, SoulCraft is finally available for (almost) all Android devices. “This has been the number one request from our beta testers”, says Karsten Wysk, CEO of MobileBits. “People with Tegra devices were very happy with the game but their friends without Tegra devices also wanted to play”.

Both the Tegra powered and non-Tegra version of the game have just been shown on the Google Android booth at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2012. “We have been very proud to be selected by Google to show off our game at the official Android booth based on the quality of the game – even though we are still in beta”, says Boje Holtz, Producer of SoulCraft. “We also hope that players will agree that the new location China is the best location so far”.

Players are invited to take part in the open beta to continuously tweak and improve the game. The best starting point for this is and please also check out our roadmap: 
For more information, visit, download the Android Open Beta and help us make SoulCraft even better. Thank you!