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Great office Internet

So after the company was finally founded this Monday and I got the office rent contract on Tuesday I ordered an Internet Connection from Kabel Deutschland (really cheap at 25 euro/month). I also tried VDSL Business from Telekom (65 euro/month), but they require some extra documents I don't have right now. Previously we used QSC, but it really gets expensive if you need more than 1mbit of upload (we had 8mbit, which worked okay, but it costs already more than 500 euro/month).

Few minutes after I clicked "order" on the website, I got a call and they told me technicians will come by on Thursday (today) and they were here really early in the morning and installed everything. After some fiddling around because we already had our own network, the previous company has their network and the router had some conflicting settings, it finally works now and we are back in action:

We will try to finish at least the page today and put it on our new server. I also tried out using Azure for a while, but it is too complex to setup right now and we really don't need all the scalability features right now.

The whole new website release and the first repository download for v0.9.6 is planed for the end of next week (1. September 2012).