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Creepy Towers keeps on growing

Silently, just like an obscure unseen menace, Creepy Towers project keeps on growing.

If you are new and ask what is Creepy Towers, I can tell you that it is a 3D Tower Defense game currently under development at Delta Engine. Just like the engine itself, CT is an open source project and will be updated on regular basis. Given its nature, this game will take into careful account every suggestion and proposal made by players, so be sure to be a fan from the very beginning! Like the FaceBook page now!

I almost forgot: Creepy Towers will be released for all the platforms supported by Delta Engine and, thanks to Cloud savings, it will be possible to play it and use your data on any device you own.

 Are you wondering how it might look like? Well, this is just a sneak peek of a level... but enjoy it!