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Delta Engine Editor exhibited at the Prototypenparty

Yesterday, the Delta Engine participated as a "prototyper" in an event called Prototypenparty (engl. "Prototype Party"). It is meant as an opportunity to let product developers test their creation by a variety of people of different backgrounds.

You can either attend as "prototyper" showcasing your product, or as a "feedbacker" who tries the stuff out and gives criticism. The Delta Engine, among 5 other prototypers, exhibited the editor to the ~ 40 feedbackers. 

By the way, the Prototypenparty itself is also a prototype, since it was hold for the first time. :) . Besides other software prototypes, service-, furniture- and product-prototypes where shown.

At the end of the evening, every feedbacker voted for his/her two favorite prototypes. The winner´s prize was a whole lot of bottles of this prototype beer, brewed by a "Kreativbrauerei" (= creative brewery) from Hamburg: 

(Photo taken from the Prototypenparty Facebook Page)

Sadly, we were not the winner :( . Nonetheless, we are happy about the interest we received. A warm "Thank you" to all feedbackers who took the time to try out the editor, talk to us and stated us their opinion. The next blog entry will show some more cool editor stuff. Stay tuned! :)