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New Delta Engine Wiki online

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With all the games and tools that we are developing with our Delta Engine, documentation is also very important and should not be neglected. Without it you can end up having quite ugly code that is hard to use and no one understands it after a while anymore.


Since we want to go open source with the Delta Engine next year (which isn't so far in the future), it is a very good idea to have a wiki for it. The question for us was which one of the hundreds we should take. In order to facilitate the decision a little bit, there are comparison sites such as WikiMatrix, where you can compare nearly all features of the wiki's without you have to install and test them all yourself.


After we had discussed what expectations that we have for our new online wiki, only 14 wikis were left.  We looked into them more closely and our decision fell towards the ScrewTurn Wiki, because from the installation, the features, and the handling were what we were looking for. Also the wiki is open source and written in ASP.NET with lots of plugins. Even if there is a feature written we can write it ourselves.


Since the last week, we have started to transfer our existing documentation to the new Delta Engine Wiki and still improve it here and there. Currently it is still in internal state, but we will move most pages from the internal wiki to the public part once we public features and the engine itself. In the wiki you can find our whole API reference, additional informations of all the supported platforms, How-To's, samples and everything else helpful for the development with the Delta Engine. Currently if you have questions or feedback, use the Forums, registering on the wiki starts only in 2011 (optional btw, we want to allow everyone to view and edit pages as long as we can maintain it).