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Game Jam 2.0 May 2013 Presentation

Here are some quick impressions from our game jam last week with the presentation of the games we did recently. 8 teams, almost 30 people participated and we have a lot of simple to complex games. Each week we will release one of those games with our weekly Delta Engine releases, some need some further cleanup.


It all started with the planing of the 8 team, see the previous post for details.

Then we had some Pizza to get started at the first day of the game jam after all the teams have formed and the first ideas started to be materialized. The next day we had some BBQ and some teams decided to work a bit more at the weekend.


The final presentation was this week, each team presented their status. Sadly some of the games are not completely playable yet, but there are some really nice prototypes of very different game types: Jump'n'Run, Kids Game, Strategy Game, Multiplayer Game, Fps, Puzzle game, Card Game, RPG, etc.


For example this is a card based game with rounds that a mixed team from MobileBits and Delta Engine guys did.


Another simple game is the "Find the Word" game, where our book keeper made all the graphics :)


A more graphically advanced, but unfinished game, is the "Don't Fuck me off" game. In this game you run around and get annoyed by almost everything and need to calm down by smoking or solving your quest: Find the milk. Kind of familiar theme (remember Postal ^^). Technically this game was using quite a lot of tricks and layered rendering with huge textures (4k) plus tons of animations to reach many 100 mb of content.


And finally this is Ghost Wars by Kirsten and me, a strategy game you can play alone or in network mode against your friends. It is similar to the recently released iOS Mushroom Wars game (which is actually a much older game from the PS3, but the game idea is much older). Quite fun to play and really simple class structure. Probably even simpler than our last Game Jam contribution "Game of Death".

Until next time for the Game Jam in August :) Then the topic will be "Mobile".