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Make the Impossible

One single month is left before Delta Engine Game Jam 2.0!

The only thing we can say is:

Contrary to what was previously stated, the event will take place starting on 7th May morning and should end on 8th evening. I say "should" because jammers are allowed to bring their games further and take advantages from 9th (which is public holiday) and 10th of May (which could be a day off).

As usual, there will be a theme to use as a basis for creating your games. Last time it was "death", while this time will be "DO THE IMPOSSIBLE".

Do the impossible... sounds promising, isn't it?

As usual, anyone can join! You can join us at Delta Engine headquarters or develop from remote. If you plan to come here, please bring your own pc and inform us, since seats are limited.
You can be alone (either a "one-man-band" or looking for a team) or already having your own crew.

Are you looking for more infos, such as what is a game jam or what can you do and how? Then check this blog-post or contact us!

We will be waiting for you!