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Whats going on?

Well, there wasn't much news this week here. ArenaWars v1.2.1 did come out, more on that on, I also did some server improvements yesterday and switched to release mode for the first time (now the server has much more cpu power).
I also wanted to start a Replay Commentary section here, but I'm not really in the mood and am a bit depressed (has also to do with how bad ArenaWars marketing and stuff is doing and the relationship with the publishers). Maybe later or maybe if something makes me happy again.

Other than that I just reinstalled VS2005 to continue with my other stuff (had to do that because the Oct Express Edition was not compatible and stuff, but the Oct Edition is not really useable, just the E&C feature is cool). Also a new version of CodeRush is out and I will check out the new features and hopefully finish my CodeRush plugin soon (it works already great, but it needs still some improvements).

I also missed the start of the DotNetRocks radio show, it started earlier today? Its running right now :)
Update: Ok, they just recorded DotNetRocks and are now broadcasting Mondays :-)
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