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Rocket Commander: Week 1

Well, a week isn't really over yet, but since most of the planed work for this week is finished, I'm going to post a screen now. Unlike my posts for Lost Squadron I think it is much better to have weekly steps since you can see more changes in a week.

You can see on the screen the basic framework for the engine, it supports parallax shaders, cube maps (for the space background), music, sound and all other basic graphic elements. The lens flare isn't finished yet and most of the models are not fixed yet (there is an evil bug in 3DS Max 8 preventing us to export correct normal maps, somehow the tangent calculation inside of 3DS Max 8 to bake normal maps is not working as it was in 3DS Max 7).

This is still a very early screen (at least it is realtime and 3d ^^ please don't think anything is final art yet) and you won't get a feeling for the game yet. Hopefully next week this will look much better. Currently missing are also:

  • Some simple physics for all game elements (asteroids, rocket)
  • Main menu, Highscores, logos, texts, etc.
  • Post screen effects (motion blur, glow/bloom effects, hdr stuff).
  • Level design .. hmm, havn't got a clue how to solve that yet.
  • The game itself, items, fun and so on ...
  • The website too :)

See ya next week ^^

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