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c# is getting more and more accepted in the game programming community

A couple of days a go this post at started and did not end in a flame war, but a very long discussion about c++, c# and other languages.

Unlike a couple of years ago, when everyone was still bashing the hell out of c#, its performance and the windows only .NET, this time most of the game programmers agree that c# is a much better language for beginners and it is even a good choice for professionals (I guess some people did a little research this time around ^^).

Anyways, nice to see the common misconception that c# is slow is fading away and in maybe 10 or 20 years more than a handful of guys will use it (or maybe it takes longer than 20 years, heck, some people still code in c ... tip: don't look at the quake3 source ^^).

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