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Merry Christmas and a Rocket Commander Video

Merry Christmas everyone. Instead of sleeping or preparing mentally for christmas (well, you know, all that hugging and eating), I wrote a special Rocket Commander Christmas Edition. I got also many requests of people wanting to join the beta, which was internal and closed a week ago.

So to make the time more painful until Rocket Commander is released, here is a nice little video of it. Just 40 seconds long and it shows only the very beginning of a level, but it is already 10 MB big and compressing it any more doesn't really make sense for such a high speed game. Anyways, enjoy the video (tip: right click and choose save as (rename it to some .wmv file) if your browser wants to directly play the file, which may cause a lot of waiting): RocketCommanderPreviewHigh.wmv (10 MB)

I will post more stuff about this year, my experiences and some more stuff next week. Stay tuned.

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