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Quo Vadis April 6.-8. 2006

At the end of next week the German Quo Vadis Developer Conference will be held in Oberhausen near Essen (germany). The event will take place from 2006-04-06 to the 2006-04-08 and a lot of german game developers and even publishers will be there.

At the first day 2006-04-06 at 16:00 I will present the newest tricks of .NET 2.0 in game development and talk a little about Rocket Commander too. The session name is "Vortrag - Making of Rocket Commander - .NET 2.0 Technologie. Ein exDream Project - Benjamin Nitschke, exDream", you can check out the full schedule here: Quo Vadis Program pdf. Don't ask me how I will do that, I never done such thing before, but I think I will be fine. Shouldn't be much different from making video tutorials, except maybe there will be an audience, ahhhh ^^ just kidding.

In the next few weeks the english Rocket Commander Video Tutorials will be available on Microsofts Coding4Fun site. But there is even more! I will perform also 3 webcasts in May about game development and the Rocket Commander game. They will be in english and hosted by Microsoft, dunno the links yet (links will be posted as soon as I know them), but here are the times:

  • Tuesday, May 16, 2006 9AM - 10AM PST (6PM - 7PM CET)
    Rocket Commander Part 1: The graphic engine.
  • Wednesday, May 17, 2006 9AM - 10AM PST (6PM - 7PM CET)
    Rocket Commander Part 2: User Interface, Sound and more
  • Friday, May 19, 2006 9AM - 10AM PST (6PM - 7PM CET)
    Rocket Commander Part 3: Game design and creating a game mod
More on that later.

I wanted to post a couple of tools (Collision, physics, enemy unit AI, etc) earlier this week I done over the time for Rocket Commander and Coop Commander, but I got the flu and was very sick and weak all week. Maybe I will be able to finish the tools in the next couple of days and post them here, we will see.

Other than that: Hope to see ya at the Quo Vadis conference.

Quo Vadis Developer Conference

Coding4Fun site:
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