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Seattle Day 5 - Another rainy day

The day started off rainy and stayed that way. This is my last day in Seattle. I will fly back to germany tomorrow.

I went to the Seattle Center Park again, I thought maybe the weather gets a little better later to go up to the Space Needle and take some photos.

The streets and parking lots are not as filled as in the week. The skyline of Seattle looks nice as always.

After checking out the park for a while I also found 2 big supermarkets right beside each other. According to google maps they are the only supermarkets in a 5km radius. Yeah, pretty clever to build them right beside each other .. omg.

The food in the USA is crazy, 500 different kind of chips, milk or bread, but not many different articles. In a german store you find much more different products in a smaller market. The products are also more expensive, about twice as much. You also can't buy small portions, everything is superlarge, megapack and labeled to let you buy 3 to save a few cents. The personal is incredible friendly and kinda annoying if you are not used to it like me ^^ Other than that it was a nice experience to see Americans go shopping.

There is the monorail line again.

And the monorail train, which is coming into the station.

Nice wobbly effect on that wall :)

The skyline again, but the weather is not looking good.

I checked out some movie theatres on the internet, but I was confused that some of them only show 1 movie at a time. I was not interested in the movie showing at the IMAX or that other big theatre, so I went to the Cineplex.

Watching the movie was pretty nice. It does not cost more than in germany and there are just a few minutes of commericals in the beginning, not half an hour like back home.

After the movie I went back to the Seattle Center Park, but it was raining too much and I lost any interest to go to any other attractions. I went back to the hotel and I will code a little bit right now.

Some more photos from my journey back tomorrow.

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