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Migrating from Silverlight 1.1 alpha to 1.1 alpha refresh and that lovely AG_E_RUNTIME_ HTML_ACCESS_RESTRICTED error

When you have some Silverlight 1.1 alpha code and want to use it with the new Silverlight 1.1 alpha refresh bits, you should make sure to replace all assemblies and recompile any libraries you have. You still might get quite a few errors because of some minor changes in the javascript code. I haven't fixed all issues yet, but the main one was replacing the Silverlight.js and fixing the .js files for html (or aspx) pages to the new syntax. Sys.Silverlight is now just Silverlight, the version is now not longer called 0.95, but 1.1 and enableHtmlAccess has to be set to "true" instead of just true before.

When you get the 2211 error code with Silverlight 1.1 alpha refresh with that nice AG_E_RUNTIME_HTML_ACCESS_RESTRICTED error follow this steps:
  • Replace Silverlight.js with the newer version from alpha refresh (you probably have done that already)
  • Replace Sys.Silverlight.createObjectEx with Silverlight.createObjectEx in all your .js files
  • Also replace all version="0.95" with version="1.1" in all .js files!
  • Finally replace enableHtmlAccess: true with enableHtmlAccess: "true"
    This change is very important and will finally get rid of the Html access restricted error above.
    If you like the error, you can "enable" it again by setting enableHtmlAccess to "false" ^^

There are probably much more little changes and fixes, but this should get the simpler pages up and running again.

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