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Visiting USA Seattle 2008 - Day 2

Well, most of the pictures today are still from Saturday because I made so many that day. At Sunday the weather here was like in Germany, rainy and cold. I went a little shopping and went to a movie theatre, which was very enjoyable. In the evening I went to a MVP Germany meeting, but my Camera batteries died. But many other people made photos, I will post a link as soon as I know where all the photos are going to be uploaded.

The Space Needle I visited yesterday.

Well, it is not cheap to get up there. And due the good weather a lot of people had the same thought I had.

After waiting about 30 minutes in line I finally was driving up.

The buildings on the ground are getting smaller and smaller.

Great view at the top. You can walk on the inside and the outside and view in any direction you like.

The habour south of the Space Needle.

A big ship in the south west. It probably is too big to move any closer.

The waterfountain I posted yesterday from above. Its surreal how small the people are. It was a lot of fun zooming in at people and stuff going on down there.

A lot of buildings. Reminded me a bit of Ghost Recon. The jpg compression is also not working well on this image, it is more twice the size than the other images here ^^

Lake Union in the south east. My hotel was located there last time. The good weather also has its effects on the people down there :)

And to the east there is Lake Washington (hardly visible on this image) and behind that are Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue and so on.

And finally Seattle Downtown south of the Space Needle. The MVP Summit will be on the very lower left side ^^

Mount Rainer, the highest mountain here, was also visible this day.

The water shader effects are certainly nice to look at. After spending about an hour on top of the Space Needle I decided to go back down to where all the action is.

And this is how Seattle looks at night at the daytime if you look at some monitors displaying night time in the middle of the day. Hopefully this sounded confusing enough.

A look up the Space Needle from below again.

A big red thingy.

In the Pacific Science Center you can watch movies in 3D, but all the movies were pretty boring (only kids stuff).

More stuff for kids in the Seattle Center Center Hall (what a stupid name). I ate some icecream and went back outside for the rest of the day exploring Seattle.

Even at bright daylight, if you take a picture directly of the sun, the surrounding area looks kinda dark. Confusing again ..

At sunday the weather was bad as I said above. I did not take many pictures. Here you can see my in the elevator playing around with my camera.

At the movies .. I saw Street Kings. It was an good movie with a lot of action and twists.

The public libary looks pretty cool. It is also quite big, but it was closed at Sunday.

And finally the Bank of America Towers, the biggest building here in Seattle. The weather was getting worse and it began to rain. I went back to my hotel and went to the MVP Germany meeting a few hours later (but no pictures because of my empty camera batteries).

And today (Monday) the MVP Summit will start. I'm pretty excited about this.
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