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MVP Summit 2008 in Seattle USA - Thursday (Day 6)

Thursday was the last day of the MVP Summit and the closing keynotes by Ray Ozzie and Steve Balmer were in the Seattle Convention Center again. Additional sessions were hold in the hotels later that day.

After eating some breakfast it was time for the final keynotes.

Ray Ozzie told us how great we are and told some not so exciting development and technology stories. Maybe it was still too early to listen to anything but jokes.

A short break and preparing the mind for the upcoming Steve Balmer speech.

The weather outside is as usual. I guess I was really lucky last Saturday, which was the nicest day wheaterwise I had all year.

Say hello to Steve Balmer.

Steve is moving so fast and always so excited about everything, it is hard to take a still picture of him.

Mr. Balmer is wondering about Microsoft's Strategy? Not really, he is just straching his head :)

Looks like he is giving up on the Online Business ^^ He was actually talking about the fact that Microsoft is only number 3 in Online Search. But as much as he wishes to change that I predict Google will be on the top for a long time to come.

Now that is a lot of products!

Time for some questions.

Poor Steve did not only have to answer 3 Sharepoint/Groove questions in a row, but then the Canadians went crazy once again and demanded that he will wear a stupid shirt like the rest of the Canadians.

Which Steve Balmer actually went along with ^^ Some questions were really stupid now, but Steve stayed cool and always had funny remarks.

More gifts for Balmer!

And this is what he looked like at the end. Well, it was a nice MVP Summit and most sessions and keynotes were exciting and fun to watch.

Time to get up and eat some lunch. But it is only 11:30, why eat lunch already .. crazy.

Still about 1700 MVPs around.

The Canadians couldn't stop making noise and drawing attention. Time for a final group photo. Other MVPs told me that this is not the first time they acted that strange and it was not funny anymore. Just stay normal guys, this is not a sporting event.

At lunch all the XNA/DirectX MVPs meet for a last time. We put 2 tables together and relaxed for a while until it was time to eat lunch.

Someone is taking a picture of us. I guess Andy Dunn will upload his pictures somewhere too, I will check out his blog later.

A lot of Asian guys were also taking pictures of themselfs :)

Saying bye to Pat and Andy Dunn and Andys Camera :)

Leaving the Conference area for the last time. Still only XNA/DirectX MVPs on this photo.

Nick Gravelyn is telling us about his next 100 game ideas.

And George Clingerman, Catalin Zima and me are listening.

And one optinoal session I attended to in the afternoon at the hotel. It was about the VS Debugger and VS 2008 SP1 and was very informative and exciting. Especially through the fact that the audience was quite loud about known bugs and issues we have every day.

Good. I made it, time for me to leave to the airport now. It will be a long trip back. It was a nice time here in Seattle, but I will be glad to be home again and not having to type on my laptop keyboard anymore :)
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