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A few pictures from the CeBIT 2009

After not sleeping too much since my long day yesterday I headed to the CeBIT 2009 here in Hannover. I was not expecting to see much new innovation, but since I have covered the CeBIT 2008 (My day at the CeBIT 2008), CeBIT 2007 (Impressions from the CeBIT 2007) and CeBIT 2006 (CeBIT 2006 pictures) on this blog (check those blog posts for many more pictures), I did not want to leave out CeBIT 2009 :)

Some flags. The first few halls were pretty boring, many small hardware vendors from Asia, a lot of equipment like keyboards, mouses, memory readers, etc. The only interesting thing was many book reading devices like the Amazon Kindle, but much cheaper and IMO easier to use without all that stupid DRM and restrictions. But buying eBooks at Amazon for the Kindle is still way too expensive, gotta check back in a few years ..

Intel had a whole hall to themselves (hall 22), which they called "Intel Extreme Masters". What a stupid name. This was more or less the e-Sport hall and it was pretty interesting, but way packed with people.

I still do not understand why so many people think it is a good idea to show people playing WoW competitively. It is just boring! Other than that a lot of WarCraft 3 and Counter-Strike could be seen. A friend of mine also told me that StarCraft 2 might be somewhere here to play, but I could not find anything about that.

The big ESL stage. Some guy is playing WarCraft 3 I guess.

The e-Sport player area. I heard that Intel sponsored a price pool of about $ 750k, nice nice.

The next hall was also very full. I was annoyed a bit that everyone walked so slowly.

NVidia and many other graphic hardware vendors were advertising the new GeForce 285, 295 and the cheaper 250 and 240 variants. Still just DirectX 10, where are the DirectX 11 cards so I can try out some crazy tessellation? :)

Some cool cooling equipment to keep everything cooled down. That reminds me that I still have to buy a better cooler for my new i7 at work, the default cooler from Intel just sucks. It is very loud and does not cool very well!

Some guys playing WarCraft 3 and a lot of people watching. I prefer watching VODs on YouTube ^^

Power consumption of servers is going down as well as for desktop PCs and laptops. Not sure why everyone is so excited about it, I never cared much about power consumption because power is cheap anyways. But it is still nice since less power consumption means less heat and more overclocking potential.

Extreme Performance DDR3 Ram from Corsair, costs more than your whole PC ^^ While the numbers seem to be quite high, most benchmarks and reviews tell us over and over again that even the most expensive DDR3 ram modules are not much faster than everything else, which is sad because I think ram should be much faster by now.

At Saturday a lot of shows and free stuff thrown into the crowd prevented me from walking any faster. My brother warned me and told me the first day of the CeBIT is always the best!

A transparent screen. Looked pretty cool and was way big. I guess great use might be advertisement in the future on normal glass surfaces (trains, buildings, etc.).

There were also very cool water screens on the CeBIT:

Some impressions from outside the halls.

After a little snack I headed back into some of the less interesting halls for me.

But after seeing this (are we at a fashion fair?) and getting pretty tired I decided to call it a day and leave the CeBIT.

See you next year on the CeBIT ^^ BTW: Thanks to Microsoft for the CeBIT tickets :)

Wtf? I'm not entering that train!

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