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iPhone/iPod testing

So we eventually got our distribution keys after ~1month of waiting. Apple really disappointed us in that matter. And after figuring out how to get our application run on the iPod took us half a day. The setup is not exactly intuitive. You have to go back and forth from the Developer Portal on, the XCode IDE, Keychain and whatever else.

So now we can actually Build & Run our game from within Unity3D on our iPod, and not a second to early. Lots of issues showed up, some of them being casual freezing, not switching to wide-view, frame dropping, and not running as fast as we expected. Hopefully they will all be sorted out by the end of the next week as the deadline draws nearer and we dont plan to push our release back.

Also, for some reason, the live preview feature doesn't work at all, i'll have to dig into that, because compiling and running the application everytime is pretty slow and bothersome, and doesn't easy the process of debugging in any sense.

So far so good,... i'm glad it works at all.

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