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Milestone 2 Neptune Released

After one week of extra polishing and testing we have now finally released Milestone 2. Sorry for the delay and silence in the last few weeks. We have grown from a small 3-4 people company to a huge enterprise (just kidding, but we are now 18 people working on the Delta Engine and Starter Kits, pew). Lots of time had to be spend in finding the right people and now in training them.

Starting with the Game Jam on Thursday we will also release each sprint (once per week) and try to involve the community more. Internetfreak and a few others in the forum were already a big help in the last months helping to test issues.

Milestone 2 features the Breakout Game (see attached screenshot). We will explain a bit more in the upcoming days with a few videos and tutorials on how to get started and create simple 2D games (nothing more is currently supported). Windows Phone and Windows 8 are also working now really well with the Milestone 2 and we will begin pushing the tools in the next sprints.

To download just use GitHub, CodePlex, Zip & Installer links are coming soon:

The plan for Milestone 3 (in the next 3 months) is to support more and more platforms and slowly get back to the feature set of the good old Delta Engine v0.9.5.
More information can be found in our Forum as usual

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