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Impossible is one of the game created during the latest Game Jam.


It is a 2D platform/puzzle game featuring old style graphics. Actually, the overall game is designed to look like 8 bit games, even at music and the sfx levels.

What is this game about? The player controls a cunning cat whose goal is to collect the letters composing the word IMPOSSIBLE; these letters are scattered across several levels and spread in tricky positions.

 The player has to collect all the displayed letters in a level before a timer reach zero in order to clear it and to move to the next one. 

The game looks pretty easy: levels are quite serene, without any enemy or danger, beside a few spikes some here and there.

The tricky part of the game is that, after collecting one letter, the controls change randomly on the keyboard! While at the beginning the avatar was controlled using WASD, after collecting the first icon, anything can happen! "Jump" might become K, "walk" right migh become Q, "walk left" V and so on. As said, this thing happens after collecting any letter. It is easy to understand how this feature may become reason of big difficulties in later levels.

Just like many old games, Impossible is a funny and frustrating game at the same time. Almost no hints are given to the user, who starts to freak out right after having collected the I. 

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