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Feedback and Ideas

Hi Community,

we have added a new feature on our website called UserVoice which you can find as light bulb at the top-right directly on each page
or at the menu under "About" -> "Customer Feedback".
This allows you to tell us your ideas which you have for the engine and also gives you the opportunity to vote for each listed idea
and give feedback about it.
This helps us to focus on the things which you really want to see in the engine
and helps you to know what is coming next in then future releases of the Delta Engine Wink.                               

Since we like to make our engine even more attractive to you, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Smile.


Entries welcome for the Monthly Contest

Every winner in each category (Best Game, Best Tutorial and Best Code) gets these cool prizes with a value of over $300 each.

To participate, post your submission in this thread. For general information about the contest, look here.


The Creeps are closer and closer!


Creepy Towers release is imminent! While you are waiting, why don't you take a look at a short gameplay video of its prototype?

Delta Engine Grand Prix!

Turn on your engine! But this time it's not the virtual one: we are talking about real go-kart engines! 

Last Tuesday the company organized a company trip to the closer indoor go-karts circuit. Most of the guys joined the event and this made it possible to have quite a heated but friendly competition. 

The track is not very big or long,but it is pretty funny anyway, featuring several tight turns and a pretty long straight road. Overtakings are not easy at all, but this made things even more thrilling, with some small bump here and there and a few harmless accidents.  

The race did not contemplate a real grand prix, the challenge was to clear a lap in the shortest time possible. The final results were quite surprisingly: a few of us were really happy, while some others a little less...  

Jupiter is out there!




 A few days ago the fifth Delta Engine Milestone was released: Jupiter

As you might know, each release takes name from one of the Solar System planets; starting from Neputune and going toward the Sun, we covered half of the path. If you are curious about our road-map and want to know more, feel free to visit the proper page on our website.

To find and freely download DeltaEngine in its 1.0 version, visit the download page. For more info, support or want to discuss any of the engine features, please visit the forum and talk with us!

Get prepared! The Creeps are coming...

Not much time left before Creepy Towers is released! To keep its halo of mystery on, we will not unveil the precise date yet, but be aware that it is not taking long! 
You will have to fight hordes and hordes of Creeps! To face scary and powerful Villains! To defend yourself from a dark and cruel menace. But fear not, because you will not be alone! Brave and loyal heroes will stand your side: small in size but huge in courage and willpower; they are the Toy Squad!

Creepy Towers and its most epic battles will be available on Android, Web, Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices from the very beginning! But, soon, it will be released on more other platforms too!
Stay tuned for more infos, visit Creepy Towers Website and Like! it on Facebook for being up to date!

Milestone 5 is about to be released

The fifth Milestone of Delta Engine is about to be finally released! This is Delta Engine v1.0, the first real, stable one. 

It contains the super cool Editor and all the tools needed for starting your own project and easily deploy it on Windows, Web HTML5 and Android. And it is open soucre!

What are you waiting for? Watch the introductory video and visit the download page and get your free version now! GitHub, CodePlex and nuget support are coming next week. The current download is the release candidate (RC) and will go through an extra week of testing.

To be a Creative Coder

Are you interested in programming and doing it in funny, creative ways? Would you like to learn coding or improve your skills? Would you like to make this passion your profession? 

Here it is a brand new initiative, called CreativeCoder. CreativeCoder is a training program for creating professional programmers through professional experience. The participants will be able to train themselves in a real working environment and to learn stuff by doing!

Delta Engine is part of this program too!

Do you want more info?

Just click on this link and take a look around!

Tutorial build step explained

One step for the build server, a huge feature for users ^^

On a more serious note: Testing goes well, we probably going to switch to daily beta releases and leave the stable versions for each milestone.

Pump up the noise!

Can you hear it? Was that the sound of a far away explosion?

What could have caused it? Maybe it was a Fire Tower attacking a Cloth Creep... or an Impact one slamming on Iron?

Since the release is approaching, it is finally time for Creepy Towers to start being noisy! We are working together with Reflex Studio, a professional music and sound composing studio with quite some experience!

Reflex Studio is on the professional market for almost fifteen years and counts more than 60 successful projects under its belt.

Given this fact, Creepy Towers will be even more awesome than expected!