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Leaked Video about Fireburst

It wasn't me, so I'm allowed to post a video someone recorded at the GamesCom, where our current game project Fireburst was presented. Fireburst is coming for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC at the end of 2009. For some strange reason everything is still very secret about this project, only a few pictures have been posted so far. But at least we got a leaked video now, hehe. Please note that this is a early beta build, lots of things have been fixed already and we still have some time for tweaking stuff. But the game looks already like a lot of fun (I hope), which is kinda important since so many other racing games are also coming this year. This way our game is at least a little different with all the burning and fire. Please note that the guys talking in the video are speaking German, but its hard to hear anything, mostly static.

Enjoy the video!