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SoulCraft 0.6.1 released - awesome start for SoulCraft for all Android

We were pretty happy with the downloads of SoulCraft before the "All Android release SoulCraft 0.6" but yesterday was really amazing for all of us here at the SoulCraft team. As you can see on the chart below - SoulCraft really took off - thank you very much for all the interest to help us in this Open Beta!

With lots of beta testers naturally you found more bugs and thats why we just released a quick release with SoulCraft 0.6.1 fixing the following issues (no new content download necessary):

  • increase speed of character Angel (now always 100% speed, in 0.6 angel was at 85% speed slowly rising up to character level 10 ..but you did not like it)
  • Default control scheme is now fixed, you can change it to dynamic controls in the settings
  • Decrease controller size by 20%
  • Buying Gold on mobile phones actually works now
  • If our server is down, you can still play the game even if you dont have an account yet

Have fun and keep the bugs coming - thank you!!!