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XNA News

Not much going on here on my blog, but in reality I was quite busy finishing some projects.
Our whole team at exDream is also working hard on our upcoming game Arena Wars Reloaded.
But it will take another month until we can release some cool looking screenshots that will make you excited.

In the meantime you can check out this nice article with lots of interviews on
On page 3 I do answer some questions and talk about current projects I'm involved in, including the
Professional XNA Game Development book I've done. The book will come out in early may this year.

The article is 5 pages long and a nice read:

While we are at it, I decided to finally post some high quality (1920x1200) Racing Game screenshots (formerly known as XNA Racer).
I don't know yet when it will be released, but it shouldn't take much longer :-)

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

Lately I'm also playing around with the Visual Studio "Orcas" CTP which was released a week ago. Runs fine side by side with all my other
Visual Studio versions, but some plugins do not work and most language extensions I have installed (like LinQ or ASP.NET Ajax) are just
missing, not sure yet how to fix that or if I will really develop with VS Orcas right now, there is not really an advantage yet.

And finally there is a big fight coming up: Me vs FxCop. I will discuss my experiences with FxCop in a few days after I have converted
Arena Wars Reloaded and fought agains the 7000+ warnings ^^
In smaller projects I had worked with FxCop before and some warnings are annoying, but usually easy to fix. It was a little harder in
the Racing Game XNA starter kit (see screenshots above) because that thing has already over 20,000 lines of code and many warnings were
just about my unit tests, which FxCop can't figure out (lots of uncalled methods). But I will discuss all of this in a few days. Not sure
if any other game development team even uses FxCop or similar tools. At least I have never seen a game (or even a big app) pass the crazy
FxCop rules.