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People still thing c# is "too easy"?

When I read threads like this Some "vs" thread at, I get sick! Not only I have to deal with so many people not willing to even try out any new technology or programs (like Google Desktop, .NET, Gmail, Arena Wars, the list goes on), now another argument comes up: Everything else than c++ is too easy and only for newbies? When will this ever stop?

Who cares how easy anything is, as long as you can be productive. Well, whatever, people reading this are already convinced in .NET and talking about the ignorance of some programmers here won't help. Maybe some overcomplicated thinking c++ guys think like this all the time:

About Arena Wars v1.2: I fixed some v1.1 Bugs today and improved some parts of OpenGL with glIntercept and will now work full time on the server-based games :-)

For some fun: Click here is also some Helloween related fun flash game.