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Day 3 on Polynapping

Alrighty, this is my thrid day awake with only a couple of successful naps since I started this on monday. My main problem is getting to sleep. Even after 3 days of almost no sleep at all. I slept only 3 times in my 11 naps, yesterday it was more like not sleeping for a day (which is quite usual for me from time to time). But today it really feels like a very long day. This isn't negative, I have plenty of time and after 2 successful naps this night I was fit enough to code a little, then after that I went to work and did some stuff there too (wouldn't say I'm less effective, coding went fine). Overall I would say everything goes well, at least I didn't oversleep yet (but I have taken naps a bit longer than 20 minutes, maybe 40-50 minutes one time, I will reduce that later when I can get to sleep fast enough).

But again, my problem is getting to sleep and also I had a cold (and still have) before I started polynapping and I read on some other blogs that people aborted their polyphasic sleep pattern just because of that. I drink a lot of water as suggested by the folks at PolyWiki and the Polyphasic sleep forum and didn't eat heavy food or drink coffee or any alcohol. Instead I'm eating a lot of fruits, vetegables, milk, etc. (not my main food usually ^^). I also bought some medicine against my cold.

Getting up is also no big problem, I'm sometimes very tired and want to stay in bed, especially if I didn't got any sleep. But sleeping would kill this whole schedule and I want to see if this works out or not.

I hope I see some more sleep to the end of this week and maybe I get some REM sleep again and some lucid dreams maybe?

Uhh, it is 4 o'clock, time for a nap. Lets hope I get some sleep this time.