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Fun with Visual Studio Orcas

Not really - Just wanted to update a LinqToSql file after I changed the database a little bit. I could not find any update button and "Execute Custom Tool" just did nothing and the source code did not change either. Not sure if this is a bug or just something that is not available. LinqToSql is still much better than the SQLMetal command line tool from LinqMay2006, but it is still annoying that it does not autoupdate itself.

I just tried to drag the changed database into the designer and this is what happend: No this test database is not that complex, it just has 5 tables and a few links and helpers between them.

If you just want to impress someone drag your tables a few times into the LinqToSql designer and you look like the smartest man in the world ... this is how it looks after you drag in the tables 2 more times:

Btw: I just want to have the freaking tables update themself, I obviously do not want 4 times the same tables. But I thought this looks funny ...