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MVP Summit 2008 in Seattle USA - Tuesday (Day 4)

Tuesday's Sessions were happening on the Microsoft Campus. Since the XNA MVP Party yesterday and waking up this morning (which is actually Wednesday) I had no time to prepare and publish this blog post. On the Microsoft Campus, especially in Building 85 (XNA Guys) there was no way I could upload this because Internet was just way too slow. So this post had to wait until I got back to the Hotel after the Attendee party.

This morning we could eat breakfast at the Hotel in this huge ballroom.

Walking out of the hotel to the bus, which will take us to the 15km distant Microsoft's Campus.

The weather is pretty much the same as on Monday or Sunday. Driving up north here until we reach the bridge over to Kirkland and Redmond.

After about a 40 minute drive we arrived at the Microsoft Conference Center (Building 33). Traffic is not going very fast over here ^^

This is how it looks inside the Microsoft Conference Center (short MSCC) at 9:00 in the morning when a conference is going on.

Instead of attending the first XNA session I decided to take a look at the Silverlight 2.0 talk by the master himself: Scott Guthrie

Until someone decided to throw down this wall, which causes quite a bit of noise and amusement.

And this was me uploading the post for Monday yesterday while listening to the sessions.

After eating some lunch and then some cake (see picture) I watched some StarCraft vods from GOM TV with the good old Nick 'Tasteless' commenting in English. This was the game with Tossgirl, which was very exciting to watch.

Shortly after that another session about ASP.NET MVC started with Scott Hanselman.

The MVC talk was very enjoyable to watch because of the many remarks Scott made.

As you can see, the MVC framework is still very much a work in progress.

Okay, let me take a look at that. Hmm, that should test the MVC routing engine. While Scott was talking about that I tried to write some MVC tests with Xunit, which worked just great (as advertised).

Setup-Code for some routes, looks complicated, but I'm not sure how to make them much easier.

I went to Building 85 now for more XNA sessions over there. It was raining quite a bit.

One of the buses traveling from building to building at the Microsoft Campus.

A few native DirectX MVPs, which probably make fun of us managed DirectX/XNA MVPs. But it is all in good fun, we all like DirectX somehow :)

Heading back to Seattle through all the traffic.

Instead of heading back to the Hotels all XNA/DirectX MVPs had a nice little dinner at Jillian's, which obviously did not have enough power to light up both parts of their logo.

Andy Dunn (The ZMan), Sean ?, Michael Klucher (from the XNA Team) and George Clingerman (Mr. standing around and discussing the physics of billiard :)

Michael Klucher, Nick Gravelyn and Niko Sumi? sitting down and discussing more XNA.

And finally heading back to the Hotel after we were thrown out from Jillian's ^^

More pictures today from the second and last day at the Microsoft Campus. Cya!