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[MobileBits Blog - German] Setting up Visual Studio for Unity

Ferdi has posted a German Tutorial on how to use Visual Studio for Unity over at the MobileBits blog. This is kinda useful because Unity3d currently only works on the Mac and I'm pretty much unable to use the Mac for anything because I cannot use my own keyboard layout over there. I have been working a little via VNC, but having a familar IDE like Visual Studio is just so much better ;)

An English tutorial can be found at the UnifyCommunity site:

Basically you create a console application in Visual Studio where you write all the c# scripts for Unity. Then a little FTP upload tool is used to upload those c# files to the FTP server on the Mac, where you can then compile the scripts in the Unity IDE. More on that next week. I have not worked much with Unity yet because we have been busy at exDream with our current project and we got many new interns this week plus marketing guys coming by and stuff like that.