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In case you update to Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Yes, first of all ask yourself, wtf are you doing on a mac anyway (well, in my case Objective-C, just implemented this on the iPhone (still work in progress btw), omg).

Well, for testing the new iPad stuff I had to install OS X 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard) on that old crappy Mac Mini I use for developing (via VNC of course) since the newest version of XCode (Visual Studio for poor mac guys) 3.2.2 (iPad beta 4) only works on the newest OS X 10.6.2.

Anyway, after updating for over an hour, everything looked the same, but not much worked anymore. My keychain was not working anymore because all my certificates were gone, dunno why, but I needed to renew them anyway. Then in the XCode Organizer I could not connect or see any iPhone or iPod anymore, no matter how many times I reconnected the devices. On other computers everything was still working fine, the iPods, iPhones and cables were all working, the Organizer was not working anymore.

Only after I installed the new XCode version (iPhone SDK 3.2.2 beta 4), everything was working fine again. Maybe this helps someone sometime in the future :)