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Some impressions from the TechEd Europe 2010 in Berlin

I was only 2 days at the TechEd Europe 2010 and spend most time in the Press Center, but I still got some nice impressions from the conference. I hope you enjoy.

Picture 1-4 are from the first day, not much to see from the fair, there was only the keynote anyway.

Picture 5-7 are from the Technikmuseum in Berlin where we went on monday evening with Microsoft and press people. On Picture 5 you can see the Z1, the first computer ever, re-build by Konrad Zuse here (because the original was destroyed in the war).

Picture 8-10 are from my hotel in Berlin (Hampton).

And the rest of the pictures is from day 2 with various sessions I twittered a little bit about .. cool stuff.

It was a nice Tech-Ed, but not really for game programmers. There were still some interesting .NET and development topics. Now back to work.